Top 10 worst Cyber Criminals

Top 10 Worst Cyber Criminals

When we think of worst criminals, the immediate picture that flashes into our minds is of individuals who lost their way probably very early in their age and took on weapons instead of going to schools and colleges. Cyber criminals are different as they are very talented and highly educated individuals with very sharp minds and terrorizing the world without any weapons. We are looking here at the new generation of criminals who have troubled the world by intruding into the most protected servers, stealing confidential database, hacking accounts and all sorts of menacing activities over internet. They are computer geeks whom are popularly known as hackers.

Let us look at ‘Top 10 Worst Cyber Criminals’.

1. Evgeniy Bogachev

Born on 28 October, 1983 in Russia, Evgeniy Bogachev features on top of the list and is one of the most wanted hackers in the world. He loves to steal cash by transferring them illegally overseas accounts. He is popularly known as ‘Slavik’ or ‘Lucky12345’. Evgeniy came into limelight with Zeus Banking Trojan malware incident which he executed perfectly and stole $100 million. He associated with all types of malicious cyber crimes including money laundering, aggravated identity theft, wire fraud, computer fraud and more. He is believed to be residing somewhere in Russia and loves boating in his leisure time.

2. Nicole Popescu

You must have heard of individuals auctioning their precious things to collect charities or just earn money and there is nothing illegal about it. However, Nicole who comes from Romania had other ideas and used his immense hacking skills to fetch millions by fooling people with his fake online auctions. He has duped many Americans using his website and where he showcased fake auctions and stole as many as $3 million. He is among the list of most wanted criminals in America and government has even offered a cash prize of $1 million dollars for providing information about him.

3. Alexsey Belan

Alexcey is another sharp hacker from Russia who managed to intrude into the website of three American e-commerce websites in just a span of one year between 2012 and 2013. He is a one of the deadliest when it comes to hacking and is also reported to be involved in providing fake identities, hacking cyber security systems and making huge money by selling confidential information by breaking into toughest online security systems and making huge money by selling this information.

4. Peteris Sahurovs

Peteris Sahurovs born on March 30, 1989 in Latvia followed up his minor cyber crimes with an international cyber crime scheme in 2010 in which he stole millions of dollars by presenting himself as a representative of an online company. He actually created an advertisement carrying a malicious antivirus application that worked like a Trojan and helped him hack computers and steal money. His activities were not just related to individuals but also went on to defraud many American companies. He is more popularly known as ‘SAGADE’, ’PIOTREK’ or ‘PIOTREK89’.

5. Carlos Enrique

In yet another type of cyber crime, Carlo Enrique created special software and sold it via his fake website around 2003. The software named as Lover Spy on Perez site worked liked a malware that would allow the person to steal information for anyone’s computer and track down his online activities. He marketed it as software for spying on cheating partners but actually it was a case of identity theft which comes under cyber crime.

6. Farhan Ul Arshad

Farhan Ul Arshad who was associated with telecom industry in Pakistan for a about 4 years between 2008 and 2012 developed his computer skills and turned into an international hacker with multiple cyber crime activities in various countries in Asia and Europe including Spain, Italy, Philippines, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. He is also considered to be the mastermind behind hacking telecommunication firms and stealing $50 million online.

7. Noor Aziz Uddin

Noor Aziz Uddin was actually a partner of Farhan Ul Rashid in his business and then they both got involved into international cyber crimes. He has been equally involved in breaking into some telecommunication companies and defrauding millions of dollars. Apart from hacking companies and stealing cash online, Noor Aziz is also associated with wire fraud and hacking computers.

8. Andrey Tamme

Andrey Tamme was the mastermind behind the operation Ghost Click which threatened the privacy and security of more than 4 million users. It was a global threat that compromised some of the most secured servers of the world including NASA. This hacker from Russia stole more than 14 million dollars by obtaining access to many computers around the world.

9. Shailesh Kumar Jain

The list of worst cyber criminals moves on from Russia and Pakistan and features Shailesh Kumar Jain who is basically an American with his roots extending to India. He adopted a very unique way of fooling people by hacking their browsers and using it to flash irrelevant error messages. He operated a online website on which he sold fake software that would prevent these messages fooling people to buy his software. In this way he extended his cyber around the world securing more than 1 million dollars in the process.

10. Viet Quoc Nguyen

Viet Quoc Nguyen is a professional hacker from Vietnam who steals confidential information and sells them to the concerned individuals or organizations. He steals all types of data including proprietary market data. His cyber crime activities are limited to US. He is wanted in many cases of hacking email accounts intruding individual’s privacy.

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