10 Most Evil Hackers of All Time

10 Most Evil Hackers of all time
Every news that you listen from friends or family members or colleagues would bother you especially when you come to know that most of the crimes that are happening today are done on the cyber by the hackers. While some people would be cracking and hacking the codes for the thrill or satisfaction of doing the same, there are few people who would be doing this job for the benefit of stealing the money from online accounts which the people might be operating with the help of their computers, laptops or gadgets. The simple code that is written by such crackers or hackers is very much effective that they were able to attain their goal and have not been identified until certain number of days or months at times. The code that is written by them has been either identified as malware, the malicious software. While the malware is of different types, the most common are the viruses and worms that help the hackers gain control on the computer systems. Depending on the damage that is caused either to individuals or to the organizations below are the top 10 hackers.

10. Jonathan James

He at the age of 16 became famous when he went into prison for the reason that he has done hacking on the computers that were part of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency that is operating for the US Department of Defense. The hacking started when this great person has installed a piece of unauthorized backdoor for a computer server. This server was located in Dulles, Virginia. The piece of code that he installed has allowed him to intercept nearly three thousand messages that were being passed to and from the employees working in DTRA. Of course the same password has helped him in collecting numerous usernames and passwords. The credit he attained as a hacker is really good as the NASA has to shut down its computers for almost 3 weeks. The cost of verifying the systems and ensuring that they are secure has costed an amount of $41,000. But the sad news is that this great person committed suicide in 2008.

9. Kevin Poulsen

Another name of this hacker is Dark Dante who has been caught in 1991 by the FBI after having absconding for a while so as to escape from the prison for the reason he has hacked the telephone lines of KIIS-FM so that he could be the 102nd caller and thus win the brand new Porsche 944. There are several sins that are attached to his name for doing fraud on mail, wire and computer, obtaining information with regard to covert businesses run by the great FBI, obstruction of justice, money laundering. After having proven for the above said mistake Kevin has been sentenced to 51 months in prison. He has won the credit of getting longest sentence for hacking and cracking. But, later once he was freed from prison, he joined as a senior editor at wired news.

8. Albert Gonzalez

This person has been an expert at using the SQL injection techniques to create the hacking code that is used as the backdoor on the corporate systems that helped him launch the packet-sniffing attacks that helped him gather and sold nearly 170 million card and the ATM numbers. The Spoofing attacks have been successful in stealing the computer data that has the internal corporate networks. The authorities have seized nearly $1.6 million and have sentenced him in federal prison for 20 years.

7. Michael Calce

A great victory by him is on the big companies like the Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Dell and CNN. The success has been so great that the Yahoo which was the then leading search engine has to shut down its operations by an hour. His motive is to establish his name through hacking and create significance for the cyber group named TNT. He hacked the corporate companies in 2000 and in 2001 the Montreal Youth Court has sentenced one year of probation, small fine, 8 months of open custody and also restricted access to the internet.

6. Markus Hess

His hacking code was so powerful that he was able to hack the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory that is located in California by sitting in Germany. He also attached 400 military computers in US and the special thing is that these computers were using the OPTIMIS Database. There are many attacks he has done like the Fort Buckner, Air Force in West Germany and Ramstein Air Base and so on. Of course, he was sentences to one to three-year prison but was again released on probation.

5. Vladimir Levin

His name got famous when he was able to transfer 10.7 million US dollars through the computers that Citibank was using. It was in 1997 that he was taken into custody by US and he admitted the crime of stealing $3.7 million for which he was sentenced for three years in prison and was asked to pay around $200,000. At present he was freed and is living in Lithuania.

4. Robert Tappan Morris

He has won the credit of creating the first computer worm on the internet for which his name is given, Morris Worm. He did this when he was as a student in Cornell University with the aim of counting the number of computers connected to it and also for measuring the size of the internet. This worm spread across the computers and infected them which is an accident but not the real intent of Morris. The estimated loss on each computer is $20,000 to $530,000. As he was just an accidental hacker he was just given the punishment of community service, fine of $10000 and probation. He is now in a good position, working as a professor at MIT.
Adrian Lamo

He was successful in getting access to the high profile computer networks including those of New York Times, Yahoo, Microsoft and MCI WorldCom. He was even successful in adding his name to New York Time’s internal database. A series of incidents have taken place like Times filing a case, 15 months of federal investigation, his surrender to US Marshals, then to FBI, sentence of $65,000 fine, six-month house arrest and two-year probation. He is now working as threat analyst and also helps non-profit organization which is Sacramento based.

2. Gary McKinnon

His attack was that he exploited 97 computers in between February 2001 and March 2002, and these computers belong to United States Military, NASA and Department of Defense. His attempt has resulted in the deletion of critical files, weapon logs, that has made the US Army’s Military District of Washington to shut down its 2000 computers for almost a day.

1. Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick was famous for his attacks which have also been popular through Takedown/Hackers 2 and the Freedom Downtime. He has gathered the valuable corporate secrets and other information from the computer companies and largest cellular telephone companies too. He was successful in hacking computer passwords, read private emails, altered computer networks. He cloned the cellular phones to hide his location. In 1999, he finally admitted on four wire frauds, two computer frauds and also for intercepting wire communication. After undergoing 68 months of sentence in prison and was incarcerated for 5 years he finally got freed in 2000. Now working as computer security and also as consultant, author and public speaker.

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