10 Important Facts about Anonymous

Top 10 Anonymous facts

Hackers are all around the world and the most popular and notorious hacking group is identified as “Anonymous”. Anonymous is the famous hacking group that takes action against any civil disobedience without disclosing their identities. The group came into light in 2003 in “4chan” image board that depicts the online global brain of any community users.
Anonymous has gained its reputation in the market as rebellious hacking activities. They are responsible for demolishing any authoritarian rule that takes place either online or in societies, oppression and corporate power. Though they are not linked to any single online entity, but the group is interconnected with different websites that contain noteworthy image boards such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, Futaba, affiliated wikis and other forums.

10 Facts about Anonymous

With the evolution of Anonymous, the concept was soon adopted by other decentralized online community users. With the starting of 2008, the group joined together with the initiative to promote any collaborative global hacker activism. Their main objective was to raise voice for internet speech and promote freedom. It is important that you know about the group in much details.

1. Anyone has the authority to join

Do you want to join Anonymous? There is no obligation encountered on your way. But, if you are serious about it, then Anon insiders would recommend you first to join activism groups that function within the boundaries of the law. The website would further teach you on ways to encrypt the computer for maximum privacy and also contact using alias over any encrypted internet relay chats (IRCs).

2. Operation Payback

It was an operation performed to back WikiLeaks. Anonymous activist group is not responsible for checking the power grids offline or even blocking military communication networks. But, this operation was conducted as online activity in the form of PR campaign. The group further launched DDoS attacks which were designed against websites like Visa and MasterCard. The main aim was to highlight the issue regarding refusal of donation acceptance for WikiLeaks.

3. It is not an organization

It is an activist group that has started on 4chan website and it is designed with an idea where fans can gather to post up images and also come up with snarky comments. To promote mockery, the users are assigned with a screen name “anonymous.” There is no leader and so it comes with a symbol of a man without a head. It is a group of similar thinking individuals who come up with a good sense of justice.

4. Attack on No Cussing club

Anonymous attacked a California resident who took the initiative of starting an online site that deals with curb cussing and the activity was performed before teens and children. The site nocussing.com is initiated with a positive reinforcement and also performed activity towards anti-bullying campaigns. Anonymous was not impressed with the idea which is why they posted the full name, phone number and address of the site owner on the web. This is the reason why the family received hate emails and obscene phone calls.

5. How Anonymous works?

Once the online alias is created and you find some friends who would perform along with you in secured IRC, the next task would be to find out a social issue that you think needs to be in the limelight. It might be that you have to participate in an activity against Scientology and would identify IRC channel that is dedicated towards such service and also shows intense support in the chat room.

6. Hacking of Donald Trump’s website

Donald Trump soon came into the light when he commented that every Muslim should be restricted from entering the USA. But, his remark has caught the attention of Anonymous and soon his website went down for about an hour. Anonymous taught him a lesson by producing a twitter account which broke the news of hack and also a YouTube video was published where a member is asking Trump to think twice before saying anything.

7. TO Hack

A hacker who was in the past involved in hijacking two important arms dealers of Israel and also leaking the client data said to be a member of Anonymous who was also responsible for WTO hack that took place in May 2015. The hacker got through WTO with their org domain and ultimately revealed some of the personal information of WTO officials. Around 2000 WTO officials from India, USA, Brazil, and Pakistan were the sufferer of leaked information.

8. Change in attitude

In 2008, Anonymous came up with a project named Chanology which is known to be a direct campaign that took place against Church of Scientology. The campaign carried out DDoS attacks on the website church. The Anonymous members made prank calls to the hotline number of Church and then send black faxes which ultimately waste the ink cartridges of the church.
The next step was taken by Anonymous in 2010, when the website of Aiplex software took down by using DDoS attack. It is a company based in India and has incorporated with other film studios that launch DDoS attack against P2P sharing platforms.

9. BART operation took place in 2011

The operation took place when the residents of San Francisco were protesting against a police shooting. In the meanwhile, the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) took the opportunity to shut down all the mobile services that happens to be in the specific route so that protestors can be barred from organizing such protest. In relation to such activity, Anonymous counter attack the BART with an email. The activist group further posted personal information of the clients associated with BART who do not have any relation with shutdown.

10. Anti-bully operation in 2012

Anonymous launched Anti-Bully operation in 2012. It is an operation in vengeance of Hunter Moore’s porn site that runs under the name of “Is anyone up?” Anonymous hacked server of Moore’s and then publicizing the personal information online which also involve his social security number. The hacker group also took offense towards Andrew Myers and posted the personal information that run a copycat site named.

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